The Louden Furniture Company, Dawesonville, Georgia
David Louden at Work

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The Louden Furniture Company is a small family run business in North Georgia which specializes in Early American Reproduction furniture.

Over the years our founder, the furniture craftsman/artist David L. Louden has designed and built hundreds of beautiful and unique pieces of furniture. It was from those pieces that this collection was inspired.

Our furniture is handcrafted by David Louden and Amish craftsman in much the same way that Early American antique furniture was built. We utilize many of the same techniques of construction, as much solid materials as possible and the patience and pride required to make each piece a piece that will last for generations. Although our pieces are reproduced a few at a time they are not mass produced.

We are very proud of this small collection of furniture and are equally proud to be able to offer it to you.

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