The Kennedy Corner Cabinet

Kennedy Corner Cabinet
Kennedy Corner Cabinet, open doors
Kennedy Corner Cabinet

The "Kennedy" Corner Cabinet was designed to fit in those small, almost unusable corners of a room. The cabinet body only takes up 20" of corner wall space " an area hardly big enough for a chair!

It"s simple Shaker inspired lines, cupboard doors for storage and 6 pane glass door for display makes it not only a beautiful accent piece but a very functional, multi-purpose cabinet.

It is constructed of solid pine. Its cupboard door panels are hand chamfered to the back and each of its 3 doors has a turning "knob latch" to secure it. The glass door has 6 individual panes which are hand glazed in place.

This cabinet measures 20" across the back 23" across the front and is 81" high

• • •   This piece is Amish made   • • •